About Us

The people working with Grains for Health Foundation: We are scientists, business leaders, educators and health professionals working together at the grass roots level encouraging all sectors, disciplines and communities to use their expertise to improve public health. To learn more about our Board of Directors, click here.

Grains for Health Foundation goals: We are redesigning the food supply by facilitating the development, delivery and consumption of grain-based foods in order to promote a healthy body weight, reduce chronic disease and curb health care costs. The bridges we build ignite the necessary conversations around making healthy, grain-based foods accessible.

How Grains for Health Foundation measures success: Your contributions mean we can build and maintain the crucial relationships needed between the whole-grain food supply and the researchers and policymakers that regulate the distribution and education surrounding grain-based foods. Were successful when:

Foods with healthy grains are available in your grocery, school or business
Health care professionals recommend whole grains as a means to reducing chronic illness
Policymakers design legislation leading to healthier grain products
Scientists create grains able to feed our communities
Rates of chronic diseases decline
Cost of health care is lowered
What Grains for Health Foundation does on your behalf: We do the strategic and transformative work on all levels of the grain chain from connecting growers to scientists to politicians to distributors to educators to health care professionals. Our cross-disciplined work builds a vast community needed to create the positive change in public health so you can be assured access to healthy, grain-based foods and realize a healthier you. To learn more about our Scientific Advisory Committee, click here.

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